Each book sale GIVES BACK to Schools, Charitable organizations and Non-Profits*. We are passionate about helping these organizations make a difference. Buy a book and support your favorite charity.

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You can designate your favorite charity at checkout or visit these links to have your donation go to one of these charities.
* Cobranded paperback and Kindle editions.

Pearls of Hope*

Pets of the Homeless*

Cats at the Studios*

Ace of Hearts for Dogs*

Los Encinos State Historic Park

or designate the charity of your choice
to receive your donation
when you buy your book.

Contact us to get find out how to get your favorite charity in the Spotlight to receive donations

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Just in time for your everyday Stress !

*Donations are sent to the specified non-profit organizations after payment has been received through our payment options, and the books have been shipped to the purchaser, the person who pledged the donation.

Certain non-profit groups are excluded from this program. Non profit organizations must be 501 (c) in current and legal standing with all governing organizations. Certain groups will not be accepted for fundraising purposes, including but not limited to: adult-only content, groups conducting or promoting illegal or immoral activities, groups selling firearms or alcohol, groups promoting violence, harassment or hatred. We reserve the right to final determination of approval of specific non-profit organizations. We reserve the right to refuse to accept donations on behalf of any organization at any time and/or cancel book orders. If you have selected a non-profit organization that is not on our allowable list, you will be notified and your pledge will be cancelled. You will then have the option to select another organization and/or cancel your order.

Donations from one Stress Out book purchase can only be pledged to one non-profit organization. For additional donations, additional books need to be purchased.

Only books ordered through Self Investment Publishing and specific book websites qualify for designating your donation. Proceeds from books purchased through other online stores (ie: Amazon, Barnes & Noble) will be given to pre-selected charities as we are not able to receive notifications from these sellers regarding the specific charity request.

If you are a non-profit group, a 501 (c) Charity, church or school and would like to benefit from the proceeds of STRESS OUT, visit our fundraising fundraising information page 


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